Scholar Quotes

  • I’d just like to thank the Legacy Guild for helping me through college, and helping to keep my mom’s legacy alive. It’s just a huge opportunity and I’m just very thankful.

    Ben Seffner
  • I think what it means to be a Legacy Guild Scholar is to be able to work hard like my dad did…he was a really hard worker…putting forth all of your effort meant a lot to him. So I think, for me, getting this scholarship is going to allow me to do that. It’s going to allow me to go to school and get an education, and carry on his legacy.

    Michelle Blahnik
  • I’m a senior and this is my fourth year as a Legacy Guild Scholar. To me it’s been really helpful. It’s been a really great foundation…it’s helped me kind of build a community and meet other people in the same situation as me. It has also helped out my dad a lot. College is expensive. It’s also a great way to network. One of the Legacy Guild board members let me shadow him at work. I’d just like to thank everyone in the Legacy Guild for the past four years.

    Austin Caron
  • Being a Legacy Guild Scholar means knowing that there are people back home always rooting for you, no matter what you’re going through or what you’re up to…they’re helping you out and are making sure you get through everything.

    Liam Purcell
  • This is an amazing program because it was started by a group of guys who lost their friends, and for them to honor our parents in this way is really touching to us and really important.

    Trisha Nash
  • Being a Legacy Guild Scholar helps me keep the memory of my dad alive. This generous gift that we get each year is a really good reminder of where we’ve been and helps out in where we’re trying to go in life.

    Michael Rogers
  • Being a Legacy Guild Scholar is really nice to honor my dad and to get more financial aid to attend Marquette.

    Sammy Ferrer
  • What it means to be a Legacy Guild Scholar is that out of a horrible situation that we’ve all faced, we get to have a chance to go to school and eventually be able to help people just like these wonderful Legacy Guild supporters are helping us.

    Tracy Lynch
  • Being a Legacy Guild Scholar allows my dad’s memory to be honored, and to continue to build my own legacy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible opportunity and my family and I are very grateful.



The Legacy Guild awards scholarships to applicants that meet the criteria listed below. The number of awards and amount rewarded is determined by The Foundation of the Legacy Guild and are not automatically renewable.


The criteria to be considered for a scholarship include:

– Be a graduating District 204 high school senior accepted into college or a currently enrolled college student that graduated from a District 204 high school

– Attest to financial need

– Demonstrate community service/volunteerism
Have experienced the loss of a parent


The application period for the 2018-2019 academic year is closed.

Here is the prcess for when the application reopens in 2019.

For new applicants, please attach one pdf with the following (be sure your name is on the pdf):

– List community, school, work and volunteer activities

– Summarize need for financial assistance

– Write an essay about the loss of your parent and why you are applying for this scholarship
For returning applicants, please attach one pdf with the following:
– Copy of latest college transcript

Legacy Guild Scholars

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Awards are determined by an committee independent of The Legacy Guild Board and based on both merit and need.


The Legacy Guild Scholars are announced in May.  Graduating high school seniors will find out on Awards Day.  Checks are distributed at the Legacy Luncheon in June.


Legacy Guild Scholars may elect to participate in our Mentoring Program and receive assistance with educational and career guidance, finding an internship, professional networking and introductions to help them succeed beyond college.


If you have any questions about the application process, please send an email to